WELCOME to my blog hotspot: warrenfield.wordpress.com

This blog took shape soon after my appointment as brand ambassador for OLYMPUS Imaging Australia in 2008, not only as a source of review for their equipment but as a ground level informative guide to life in southeast Asia.

It’s primarily Thailand-based whilst working here as a design consultant in Bangkok. Enjoy striking imagery, photo tips, travel advice and general opinion on the region’s travel hotspots and life in the Bangkok metropolis.

For new photo commissions please email: info.warrenfield@gmail.com




2 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Hi Warren
    I was on duty at the Santos Moomba Oil and Gas plant at the time of George Strachan’s tragic passing and may be able to provide further details about the tragedy should you be interested.
    In my role as the Duty Safety Officer, I spent a few hours in an aircraft searching for his remains.
    In my files, I am sure there are further details should you be interested in further information.
    I do recall that George’s companion was waiting for him and his travelling companion somewhere to the north of the then extensive Cooper Creek flood waters.
    A tragic event.
    If you want further information please let me know.
    Kind regards
    Joe Kamin

    • Joe! This really is amazing that you contact me, thank you. You are most thoughtful. That was a momentous event for all of us.
      I notice that a memorial has been placed for George near the area he passed away, which, one day I would love to visit to pay my respects. That would be one thing I’d be interested in your help when I’m back in Australia. I’ve been working in Thailand for many years now but do plan to return to Oz. I also tried to get a copy of my statement that I made to Leigh Creek Police through the freedom of information act but to no avail. Those days were pre-digital.
      After the event I wrote up all my diaries, warts and all, and have most of the newspaper clippings from the media frenzy that ensued. I would be very interested in any logs or info you think might be useful to my add to my story.
      My email is wazzafield@hotmail.com for future use.
      Hoep to hear from you soon.

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