Photographing for AG at Encounter Bay, South Australia. Photo: Quentin Chester

Growing up in the countryside of England nurtured within a creative family instilled a passion for art and nature.

Design continues to complement the photography, honed in the UK and Australian publishing industries, following graduation from Manchester Polytechnic in Design for Communication Media BA (Hons). From here, a trained eye set off to explore the world.

From observations of streetlife in India to the towering national parks and reserves of the world, travel through 23 countries inspired the founding of a collection of fine-art-based photographic work expressed across a broad range of travel, wildlife and nature themes.

Many images reveal a striking simplicity, typified by the vibrant colours and muted shades of nature’s design. The artist, as catalyst, brings together elements of life that we may so easily overlook.

‘Beauty’ is at the core of the work – ‘threatened environments and people’ at the extremes. The ‘realities’ of street life attain greater significance as experience accumulates and, inevitably inspire a humanitarian dimension to the photographic process. Creative opportunities exist through charitable adventure. A fundraising cycle across Cambodia in 2009 for example led to the building of a new school, selected images providing further promotion of these causes.

Warren is an accomplished art director and assignment photographer for Australian Geographic magazine; his photos illustrate feature articles on a number of Australia’s wildest environments such as the McDonnell Ranges in central Australia and the 1500km Heysen Trail in the south.

OLYMPUS Australia recently nominated Warren as a brand ambassador for their digital SLR products. Touring Australia as a guest speaker, images from 1989-to the present engaged audiences on professional photo assignments and photographic technique.

Currently working as a freelance design and photography consultant for the United Nations in Bangkok, Thailand.


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