The Public and the King’s birthday

To mark the 84th birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the government staged grand festivals for seven days and seven nights – this marks His Majesty’s seventh 12-year birthday cycle.

The Grand Palace, the spectacular conglomeration of temple and state buildings in the centre of Bangkok and the adjoining public square of Sanaam Luang hosted the events and remained opened til late this week. This attracted thousands of well wishers.

The spectacular light and sound show used the wall of the Grand Palace as a 200-metre-long screen and a 4,200-seat amphitheatre in Sanam Luang park directly in front of the Grand Palace.

The Grand Palace wall and temporary exhibition buildings provided endless backdrops for group portraits.

Sanaam Luang (below) is, rather solemnly, a royal cremation ground. Since the reign of King Rama 1 in the 1800s, the funerals of Kings and Queens took place here. It’s recently been re-turfed as a gesture of respect to the king.

An image from 2002 of Sanaam Luang.

© Warren field 2011


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