Web Management Training Photos, Bangkok, Thailand

Delegates from the National Literacy Awareness Secretariat (NLAS) and Department of Education (DOE)Papua New Guinea continued their week-long web management training with a morning session on ‘Preparing Images for the Web’. Introducing essential basic settings such white balance, image size settings, ISO, aspect ratio, flash and numerous photo tips on composition this was the an opportunity to leave the office and enjoy some photography in the UNESCO garden.

An abundance of available photo subjects enhanced the learning: Lotus lilies photographed on macro setting, a pleasant garden setting for our single and group portraits and free time to experiment. Photographing in bright morning sunlight, we missed the torrents of rain by 30 minutes that have pushed Bangkok ‘s flood levees to breaking point.

Delegate Maggie and Kate assisting in the numerous portrait shots.

After basic editing training, enhancing and resizing a selected image for colour, crop and brightness/contrast, the image was uploaded to the PNG literacy portalThese skills will help efficiently maintain this literacy website back home.

With thanks to UNESCO Bangkok for the opportunity to help promote web literacy skills and invaluable assistance of Nay Lin, Kate Chuanprapan and Debra during the workshop.

© Warren Field / UNESCO Bangkok 2011


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