2011: Photo opportunities for the year ahead

Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

Image specs: Olympus E-3, f4.5, 1/50, ISO 100, 60mm (120 mm film equivalent), 12-60mm F2.8-4.0 SWD Standard Wide Zoom (Zuiko), white balance auto’, vivid mode, hand-held.

The first half of 2010 turned out many opportunities for travel photography: UNESCO Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. As always, I try and have a trip to look forward to in the coming year, however small. 2011 will be no different.

A solo photographic trip to Nepal is on the agenda, in part revisiting the village of Bukha in the Annapurna range to see the bridge I had a hand in constructing –  see blog: Nepal Images in print / ECS Magazine / Bridge-building article‘ – before trekking along some remote mountain valleys where I’m keen to see and photograph some wildlife, most likely the langur monkeys high in the Rhododendron forests of the region (see below).

Grey Langur, Annapurna Region, Nepal

Image specs: Olympus E-3, f5.6, 1/60, ISO 125, 486mm (972 mm film equivalent), 90-250mm f2.8 Telephoto Zoom (Zuiko),
EC-20 2 x Teleconverter, white balance auto’, vivid mode, tripod.

If time allows, Royal Chitwan National Park in southern Nepal on the floodplain of the Rapti River beckons. Riding on elephants through the tall grass, 90-250mm telephoto in hand, the chance to get shots of the Indian Rhinocerous, maybe even a leopard plus sambar, chital and barking deer is mesmerising.

Of course, here in Australia, there are some stunning areas around Sydney to photograph in the immediate domain such as: Manly and the Northern Beaches, Ku-Ring-Gai Chase, Blue Mountains and Kanangra Boyd National Parks to name a few.

© Warren Field 2011


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