Larapinta Trail Images on Australian Geographic website

Victoria Spring Mallee on the Larapinta Trail

Since 2006 I’ve been shooting for the Australian Geographic magazine and typically, submit 250 images from around a total of 2300 from a 7-10 day assignment. Considering only around 8-10 actually make it to print for a small feature, the harsh reality of the cull and submission to the magazine is tempered somewhat by the occasional revival of the outtakes for use in marketing and promotional material. The annual AG Society Larapinta Trail Expedition was a case in point. The recent promotional gallery featuring the Larapinta Trail on the Australian Geographic website can be seen at the link below.

This was my last assignment with a film camera – an Olympus OM4ti shooting with Fuji Velvia. Changing film cassettes as I walked and sweated along the trail is thankfully, a not-so-distant memory. However, the quality of transparency film still holds it’s appeal today: its rendering of colour with the Olympus metering was close to sensational (colours that seem to burst out of the image when the slide was placed on a lightbox), its sharpness and flexibility at the pre-press stage of a magazine. A high end drum scanner can produce a huge digital file from a single frame of 35 x 24 mm film.

View from Counts Point Ridge towards Mt Sonder (1380m)

See the full feature in Australian Geographic, issue 85 (Jan – Mar 2007)

© Warren Field 2010 / Australian Geographic


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