Presentation for OLYMPUS Australia, Digital Life Expo, Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, June 3-6 2010

Lily in pond, Da Lat, Viet Nam

Image specs: Olympus E-P2, f8, 1/125, ISO 100, 25 (50mm), 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 Standard Wide Zoom (M.Zuiko), white balance auto’, vivid mode, Manual assist focusing (7x), hand-held.

Less than one week after arriving back in Australia (courtesy of OLYMPUS) I met up with my colleagues for the annual photographic trade show in Melbourne, the Digital Life Expo (known as the Photo Imaging Technology Show in previous years). As a Brand Ambassador for OLYMPUS, I spoke twice a day over three days, presenting my images from four months overseas in Thailand and Viet Nam, all taken on the compact micro four-thirds EP-2 camera. From an initial 180 images I put forward, myself and Professional Photography Manager Lucas Tan decided on a top 50.

The show entitled ‘Streets of Asia’ covered portraits, traffic scenes, temples and some nature detail in addition to the eight art filters, electronic viewfinder VF-2 and setting functions, features of the camera I found indispensable for street travel photography.

Event info at the OLYMPUS stand

The first and second day, initially trade and the opening day of public access, were quiet but gave me an opportunity to hone the presentation for the big third day. Considering the weather in Melbourne was wet, cold and gloomy we expected a good turn out.

Streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Following my presentation, three lively tap dancers would take the stage and toss an OLYMPUS Tough Series compact camera around , dunk it in a bucket of water, even stand on it, all the while tap dancing with consummate ease. I was considering taking advantage of the stage set and opening my talk with a drum roll (I didn’t). I would also be much kinder to my EP-2!

Tap dancers on the stage at the OLYMPUS stand

Attendance at the stand steadily grew in the morning and by 11.30am, my allotted time slot, I took the stage in front of the fabulous PEN camera display in front of me for all of 12-15 minutes.

Once you’ve got your image flow clear in your head you can focus your attention on the public.  At last year’s PMA show in Sydney I found myself competing verbally with a presentation on another stand – they were loud. No such problem this time. The reception on the last day was good, the stand was well attended and I enjoyed the challenge.

Thanks to OLYMPUS for the experience.

© Warren Field 2010


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