Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, 17-25 May, 2010

Pham Ngu Lao area of of Ho Chi Minh City. Olympus E-3, E-System.

I’ll spend the next seven days in Viet Nam  beginning in Ho Chi Minh City or as it’s more evocatively known, Saigon.

I’m due to fly to Australia on May 28th and I’m off on one more photo-finding mission whilst in SE Asia. Viet Nam, just over an hour’s flight from Bangkok, will not only keep me away from the Thai capital as it descends into chaos, but throw open the doors to future visits such as Ha Noi and the surrounding country in the north.

The heat here is just as stifling as Bangkok and walking on foot is going to be challenging. I like nothing better than exploring a city on foot however, map in hand meeting the locals. The snapshot above was taken in my first hour in Ho Chi Minh and is typical of the dress of the Vietnamese I have seen so far.

A planned trip to the Mekong Delta, south of Ho Chi Minh, will be next on the agenda.

© Warren Field 2010


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