I see red most days …

Barriers erected at the main UDD camp at Ratchprasong

I’m in my final few weeks of my contractual period with UNESCO in Bangkok. Every day since March 10 my eyes, ears (and nose) have been treated to the UDD’s (Red Shirts) 6,000 + congregation, a deafening PA system and ultimately a build up of litter and detritus as I walk to work.

A stall selling Thaksin Shinawatra masks and a supporter hands food to a barrier guard.

Fortunately, as I understand it, Westerners are not in any way targeted and I am generally treated with respect – after all, we spend big in Thailand and I’m sure the UDD would want to keep it that way? The thought does cross your mind however, that it only takes a few disgruntled people to put you out of business so I’m always on guard.

The main UDD camp at Ratchprasong, Bangkok

Tread carefully

The red shirts are extremely organised and the formidable barriers they have erected over the last few months to stop an impending government crackdown form part of my route to work although I am able to miss most of it via a large diversion if necessary to reach the skytrain.

The latest news is that an agreement has been reached with the government on the way forward and I can only hope this positive news is followed through with a dismantling of the red fortress and life can return to normal.

Peaceful protestors

© Warren Field 2010


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