Olympus EP-2, Image 7, 8, Bangkok, Thailand

Golden Mount Temple, Bangkok

Image specs: Olympus E-P2, f11, 2.5 seconds, ISO 250, 28 (56mm), 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 Standard Wide Zoom (M.Zuiko), white balance auto, vivid mode, tripod.

This temple lights up the night sky in my vicinity. I set up the EP-2 with tripod, attracting a crowd of motorcycle taxi drivers in the process. People have been intrigued at the design of the micro-four-thirds compact camera I’m using and even gone out to buy one so they tell me! That’s the way.

QUICK FACTS: I decided on a vertical composition to make the tree dominate and balance the relatively small size of the temple – the subject of the picture. Using manual focus with the ‘MF Assist’ on, (this enlarges a small portion of the composition you select to aid focusing before returning to the main image) is something I have mentioned before with the E-3 and which I personally find invaluable with tripod work.

I check these images at actual size in photoshop for image quality: sharpness, noise, a little curve work to enhance contrast and highlights, shadows and mid-tones, colour balance, cropping if necessary. It’s worth mentioning that most of my effort goes into getting the original images right from the moment I press the shutter release. No lazy pics (unless the action happens spontaneously and you’ve got to use whatever settings the camera is programmed to at the time). Understanding the differences in settings saves work afterwards.

I have thoroughly enjoyed using the EP-2 and is a quality tool for daily work. I hope to see some images in print soon.

BTS Skytrain station early one morning

Image specs: Olympus E-P2, f11, 1/125, ISO100, 16 (32mm), 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 Standard Wide Zoom (M.Zuiko), exposure adjustment -.o.3, white balance auto, vivid mode, hand-held, image stabiliser set to IS-1


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