AG Nepal Assignment completed. Blue sky peaks for 16 days.

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World Expeditions ensured all the participants enjoyed a safe, challenging trail, great food and were part of essential community work over four days helping Bukha School construct a new bridge to replace the rickety old one.

Garlanded trekkers after welcome from Bukha village

‘ZUM, Zum, let’s go’ shouted group leader Roy with a wry smile, our discipline put to the test… It’s 8.30am in the Gurung village of Bukha, on the slopes of the Annapurna foothills in Nepal, the sky is blistering blue and we’re off to build a bridge having washed (birdbath style), been fed a handsome breakfast of porridge, omelette, eggs, toast, tea and coffee in our big, blue mess tent. Time to hit the trails and limber up. The porters took off as soon as our gear was packed, carrying the the weight of two people – something to think about. They would set up camp at our next destination ready for our arrival.

Sherpa Field trying a 'doko' for size

Fantastic sunrises and sunsets over Annapurna South (7219m), food cooked by our amazingly talented cooks and assistants that replaced the enthusiastic energy of the day’s bridge building.

Annapurna South 7219m

Routine: Tea delivered to tent at 6.30, breakfast at 7.15, ‘Zum zum’ at 7.45/8am.
Trekking for approximately 3-4 hours through scenery of rice paddies, millett fields and a Himalayan backdrop reaching a maximum elevation of 3210m at Poon Hill with views to 8167m Dhaulagiri. Evening meal at 6.30pm.


Harvesting millett in Bukha Village, Annapurna region



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