Thailand, a little bit of Sydney and then Nepal

Grand Palace, Bangkok

Grand Palace, Bangkok

I had some exciting news last week totally out of the blue whilst still in Cambodia – an assignment in Nepal for Australian Geographic on October 25th. Although committed to some projects around the same time I managed to shuffle them and squeeze on although my workload will be rather large on my return. I am grateful to Olympus for helping out.

It’s an AG Society expedition organised by World Expeditions entitled:  Shree Bukha Deurali School Project. This is part of World Expeditions Community Project Travel series.

Trekkers work with the community along the way to improve educational facilities and water access in villages.

I was last in Nepal in 1991 completing the Annapurna and Everest base camp treks. I’m hoping the fitness gained from the Cambodian Cycle will hold me in good stead.

I will be carrying a full set of camera gear plus tripod on my back, a camera in my hand and have my personal effects transported by the World Ex crew. Quite a luxury compared to my last visit when I insisted on carrying all my own gear the entire length of the treks. Oh, to be 25 again.

Gemma Pillars – a colleague of mine from AG – is currently living in Nepal and was originally assigned to do the shoot but she decided to take up an art director position back in Sydney which could not be moved back.

As a Brand Ambassador for Olympus I am required to present a number of seminars in November to promote my work and use of the Olympus E-System with which I am very happy with. I’ll need some time out in Sydney to prepare this too.

Damneon Saduak Floating Market

Damneon Saduak Floating Market

I’ve spent the week in Bangkok relaxing and spent time at the Damnoen Saduak Markets and the Grand Palace – quite a spectacular place.

Model of Angkor Wat Complex at Grand Palace, Bangkok

Model of Angkor Wat Complex at Grand Palace, Bangkok

Green and gold roof tiles, gold leaf buddhas, an emerald buddha brought from Laos now enshrined in a beautiful temple,  pristinely-dressed soldiers in white attempting to remain vigilant in the face of an army of chattering tourists pointing cameras at them, the Kings’ 25kg (!) gold embroidered ceremonial gown that he is often seen photographed in, 10ft stone demon guards…


a never-ending beutifully rendered painting of the Ramayana – a creation story – along three walls with the main characters lifted in gold leaf, pots of lotus flowers reflecting the stupas, even a scaled down model of  the Angkor Wat temple complex smack in the middle of the two enormous golden temples. Apparently the King who built Angkor Wat was a great admirer of Buddhism and dedicated the Angkor temple to Hinduism and Buddhism which I guess is the reason it has been given space here.

Gold leaf on Ramayana mural at Grand Palace, Bangkok

Gold leaf on Ramayana mural at Grand Palace, Bangkok

So, I think there is enough on my plate for now and I hope you enjoy the read.

See you soon.


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